About Us

Prestige Sportfishing is located in the small town of Harrison Mills, BC along the banks of the pristine Harrison River, a tributary of the mighty Fraser. Our home office is just 2 km away from our local boat launch at Kilby Provincial Park. This is a central fishing location not only for the Harrison River, which boasts large fall salmon runs and incredible sturgeon fishing, but for the Fraser River as well. The Fraser River is just a short 1 km jet boat ride down river. Our location is just moments away from many of the famed golf courses, tremendous lodging facilities, and other popular attractions.

The Fraser River

To most people around the world, the Fraser River and its first class angling opportunities are unheard of, but for those who have experienced fishing this river and her many tributaries, it is one of their favorite places to be on earth. If you were to ask any angler who has fished this true gem, they would not hesitate to recommend you visit this special place, at least once in your lifetime. But the catch to this story is that anglers do not visit this magnificent place, with luscious green eagle filled trees, and snow capped mountains lining the landscape, just once... they return year after year because the fishing here is addicting.

Our Guides

Each one of our experienced fishing guides owns a fully covered, heated, topnotch custom jet boat, ranging from 20 to 25 feet in length. They are customized to suit the needs of quality fishing, space, and comfort for a long day's fishing in any weather or any type of water. These boats are equipped with premium quality tackle, which is always kept in good working condition, and the best bait on the river. Our guides are expert jet boat pilots, and safety is our number one priority while on the water. You are assured that you will have an exciting, fun, comfortable, productive day on the water.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best in first class fishing experiences for anglers across the world. We will strive for great success and the best results possible.