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Prestige Sport Fishing is located in the small town of Harrison Mills, BC on the banks of the pristine Harrison River, a tributary of the mighty Fraser. Our home office is just 2 km away from our local boat launch at Kilby Provincial Park. This is a central fishing location not only for the Harrison River, which boasts incredible sturgeon fishing, but for the Fraser River as well. The Fraser River is just a short 1 km jet boat ride down river. Our location is just moments away from many of the famed golf courses, tremendous lodging facilities, and other popular attractions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best in first class fishing experiences for anglers across the world. We will strive for great success and the best results possible.

The Fraser River

To most people around the world, the Fraser River and its first class angling opportunities are unheard of, but for those who have experienced fishing this river and her many tributaries, it is one of their favorite places to be on earth. If you were to ask any angler who has fished this true gem, they would not hesitate to recommend you visit this special place, at least once in your lifetime. But the catch to this story is that anglers do not visit this magnificent place, with luscious green eagle filled trees, and snow capped mountains lining the landscape, just once... they return year after year because the fishing here is addicting.

Our Guides

Each one of our experienced fishing guides owns a fully covered, heated, topnotch custom jet boat, ranging from 20 to 25 feet in length. They are customized to suit the needs of quality fishing, space, and comfort for a long day's fishing in any weather or any type of water. These boats are equipped with premium quality tackle, which is always kept in good working condition, and the best bait on the river. Our guides are expert jet boat pilots, and safety is our number one priority while on the water. You are assured that you will have an exciting, fun, comfortable, productive day on the water.

A Word About the Prestige Sportfishing Guides

Professional & Knowledgable

Each guide at Prestige Sportfishing is professional, and courteous. Prestige guides will always be on-time for charters, treat customers with respect, and will be courteous at all times. Our guides are some of the best rods in the Fraser Valley, are known to put clients into fish consistently and are known for some great catches. All of our guides are great anglers of 18-42 years of experience for all species and methods, but each does specialize in one of our techniques or species. We have expert fly guides on staff that have been fly fishing the Fraser Valley and its tributaries for over 30 years. There is no question that our fly fishing charters show amazing results, these guys know every spot in the valley!

Going the Distance

The guides at Prestige Sportfishing are not afraid to put in the time to make each trip memorable, and great. It is quite often that our guides travel far distances on the river to the greatest spots to put clients into the best catches. Our guides are hard working and  dedicated to making each trip the best, and unique. If the current trip is not up to our standards you will find yourself sticking it out on the river longer until it fits within our standards. This is what separates us from others, we put in the time to make sure you leave happy.

Certified & Conservation Minded

All of our guides are members of the Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association. This certifies our guides to being of the highest standards and that we show a keen interest in the future of the Fraser Valley's fishing opportunities. All of our guides belong to other fish & wildlife conservation groups, and it is great to see efforts put in here to preserve BC's fishing opportunities and wildlife for the future.

Our Boats, Gear and Bait

You are riding shotgun and fishing in boats of high quailty and great finish. Each one of our boats range from 20-25 feet in length, they are fully covered, heated, have ample room for fishing, and each are equipped with all required safety equipment. It is protocol for each one of our boats to be equipped with all required fishing tackle and bait for your outing. When you book a charter with us you are ensured a clean boat. On our fly fishing charters we often run our "fly boats" which are flat bottom 16-18 foot jet boats which allow us to get to the hard to reach areas where no other vessel can go. This gives us a unique advantage over other guides as we are the only company on the Fraser River running these boats. There is more often than not a pile of fish waiting here to attack your fly. This is just another one of many reasons that makes Prestige Sportfishing stand ahead of the competition.

Our Gear & Bait

Prestige Sportfishing only uses high quality fishing products. All of our fishing gear is of the highest calibre and is always clean, and in top working condition. We run gear from Penn, Shimano, Sage, G Loomis, Loop, Air Flo, Power Pro, Owner just to name a few. When using bait on our fishing charters, our guides will be bringing the freshest and best baits for the trip. This gives us a jump on our fishing charters, fresh bait works best!

Prestige Sport Fishing

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