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The Best River Fishing In The World Is Waiting For You!

The Best River Fishing For Salmon In The World

Can you imagine catching sockeye salmon on spinning gear, a Chinook salmon over 60 pounds on casting gear? How about hooking multiple chum, coho, and pink salmon on a fly rod? You can do it all here on the Fraser River, with our team of fishing guides who are dedicated to assure you success.

These 5 species of pacific salmon each return at different times throughout the season, beginning in early July, and ending at the end of November. This allows anglers from all over the world, the opportunity to fish for these great fish at their convenience. The salmon fishery is world class, providing excellent results to those who fish this river. Due to having multiple fish species in the river, this allows anglers to use various methods to target salmon. A very successful method is fly fishing, but just as successful is terminal gear fishing. All breeds of anglers have the opportunity to fish the Fraser River Valley successfully.

Salmon Species


Chinook salmon are the largest of the pacific salmon. These fish are a spectacular strong fight on casting gear. Their average size is 20-25 pounds, fish over 30 pounds are common, with the possibility of hooking them over 50 pounds. We target Chinook from mid July thru October.


Chum salmon are a hard fighting salmon which return each year to our river systems in October. The peak period for chum salmon is from early October thru November. Chum are targeted on both spin casting jigs, fly fishing and spey fishnig. Chum fight heavy for their size and average from 8-14lbs, but can be as large as 20lbs.


Sockeye salmon normally arrive in August and we pursue them in their peak period of mid August to September on spinning gear, and on the fly on the Harrison River.
These fish are wicked fighters, acrobatic, and full of spunk!


Cohosalmon are great both on spin casting hardware and the fly. They are very aggressive fish and are well known for their hard runs with lots of air time, especially their spinning air jumps! Expect to see these salmon in our river systems from October to Late November with peak times being from mid October to the end of November! Average sized coho are from 8-12lbs, but hooking trophies in the 15-20lb range is very common.


Pink salmon are the most plentiful of the salmon species. With over 25 million pinks projected to enter our rivers, expect phenomenal fishing. Pinks return on odd numbered years (2015,2017). We target pinks yet again with spin casting jigs and spoons and fly fishing. They average 4-6lbs and are a decent fight. Your arms will be sore after hooking so many of these salmon. It's great fishing for all ages!

You can get them all here on the Fraser River, with our team of fishing guides who are dedicated to assure you success. Ready to start your adventure? Contact us today!
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